Let's get started with voice

Voice is booming and offers lots of possibilities! But, where do you start if you want to get started with voice control quicky, properly and clearly? And what steps do you need to take to implement voice within your organization? Together we discover the purpose for which voice can be deployed for you.


Your Digital Landscapers

We allow companies and organizations to work more effectively, flexibly and efficiently by digitizing primary business processes. Use our expertise and join the connected world!


Veilig Vakwerk

A complete online service for simplifying labor-intensive processes based on the paper issue of forms. Suitable for all organizations that stand for guaranteeing and improving safety awareness.


Ipsum Energy

With the app and the unique algorithm of Ipsum Energy you can, in combination with a smart energy meter, measure exactly how much you consume and which devices consume the most. A nice, simple way of saving energy and a good example of digitization that provides insight and sustainability: an initiative to which 52DN is happy to contribute.

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