To keep up with the developments in the market and the industry; Apollo Tires Global R&D was looking for a Warehouse Management System that offers real-time insight into processes. 52DN took on this logistical challenge together with Apollo Tires Global R&D.

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More insight into inventory and warehouse management


Android App, Webportal, Real-time location tracking

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Digital administration

The availability of accurate and real-time data proved to be an absolute loss for the Apollo Vredestein warehouse in Enschede. The stocks and activities of the tire manufacturer were still kept in Excel sheets and ready for a digital and mobile solution focused on the future.

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Flexible and accurate

With the 52DN solution, the entire production process is digitized from start to finish, there is a better insight into inventory positions and more flexibility to be able to meet customer requests more accurately and quickly.

Realtime location tracking

The warehouse employees scan the barcodes with a special scanner. This data is sent directly to the Android device that is mounted on top of the scanner. This immediately shows the location of the tires and products.

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For the user

Within the chosen solution, different types of users with different interfaces are being supported. The operators using the web application to manage users, schedules, and stocks. And the warehouse employees who use the mobile Android application.

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Android App

- Add tires and rims to the system;
- Search for tires and rims together and assemble them into a wheel;
- Packing wheels and sending them to test locations;
- Disassemble wheels that come back from testing;
- Destroy and remove tires from the system.


- Manage user, roles and rights;
- Managing tire locations in the warehouses;
- Real-time insight into the tire and rim stocks;
- Real-time insight into planning schedules.

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Next steps

Connected warehouse

The objective of 52DN is to optimize existing processes by implementing a complete digital transformation. By having all the information in the Warehouse digitally available combined with the deployment of a mobile application, it will also be possible in the future to communicate directly with the Warehouse from test locations.