GreenFlow for Trucks

With the GreenFlow for Trucks app, priority is requested for traffic lights at intersections. The priority ensures an extension of the green light or starts green traffic lights earlier. This makes it possible to achieve a more efficient flow of trucks, which make them less harmful to the environment.

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GreenFlow for Trucks


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Efficient traffic flow

The rapidly increasing mobility makes it necessary to better manage and monitor traffic flows. Dynniq, a pioneer in the field of mobility and energy solutions, was looking for a solution for a better flow of trucks driving in a column. The GreenFlow for Trucks app offers a solution. 52DN responds to this demand from the infrastructure market with its knowledge and experience in the field of system architecture and mobile solutions.

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Comfort, priority, safety

In collaboration with Dynniq, 52DN has taken care of the development and realization of the GreenFlow for Trucks app. An app that gives information to drivers about the status of traffic lights and gives speed advice. If this advice is followed and there is no danger to others, the vehicle has a considerable chance of not having to stop for the red light. The applications show drivers in addition the remaining time to green and red light.

52DN has developed the GreenFlow app with support for Truck Mode. With Truck Mode, truck drivers enter the length, width, and load of the vehicle they’re going to drive. These settings influence the priority requests at the intelligent traffic lights (iVRIs).

“A complex scenario to which 52DN has made an important contribution with a clear user interface and the correct communication between the cloud and the entire system architecture.”

Martin de Vries / Product Owner Dynniq

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Effective user interface

The interaction design was tested during the Experience Week Connected Transport in October 2018. In this week, 250 journeys were made throughout the Netherlands with the convoying trucks of different carriers, equipped with the "GreenFlow for Trucks" app. The role of the app was to guide a platoon of trucks safely and without stopping over intersections.

End users are enthusiastic. “It drives on nicely. It is also useful that it’s possible to see how long the traffic lights remain green. When you have a fragile load, you want to avoid sudden braking”, says driver Mark Wijn from the company Van den Broek in the newspaper of Eindhoven. Because the trucks have less braking and acceleration, the CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.

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Contribution to a new ecosystem

The priority request for a green light for freight traffic results in savings in time, fuel and CO2 and reduces noise pollution. It is, therefore, better for the environment and reduces the risks of accidents.

Technical specifications

- With assigned priority, green traffic lights start earlier;
- Shows the remaining time until traffic lights turn green or red;
- With assigned priority, an extension of green light;
- Provides speed advice

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Next steps

Safe, accessible & future-proof

Digitization and automation of (goods) transport provide direct profit and value for all parties involved in the chain, including the consumer. The goal for the coming years is clear: to ensure that the technology is implemented throughout Europe and that it is standard in all trucks. To achieve this, all existing traffic lights must be replaced by intelligent traffic lights iVRIs. A great goal!

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