Grip (Global Resource Information Platform) is an online service that provides insight into the administration and essential issues of a company or organization. With a web portal and app, Grip digitizes and optimizes, among other things, salary reports, time registration, and fuel consumption.

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More insight with less actions




Cloud service, Webportal, Architecture, Native Android app

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Jelle Bijlsma, director and owner of construction company Jelle Bijlsma BV, wanted more control over his company in order to save costs and reduce fuel consumption. After some research and trying products on the market for over a year, he didn’t find a suitable system and turned to 52DN for a completely new solution.

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Transparently collect data

By providing employees and machines with Grip, employees are made aware of their driving and refueling behavior. Grip provides tools for achieving fuel reduction and thereby reducing CO2 emissions and is not only used as a monitoring function but also has an effect on the entire business operations.

Fewer lost hours thanks to Grip

Thanks to the Grip app it’s much easier to maintain/keep track of administrative actions because everything is linked to the ERP system by a smartphone. This includes: time registration, fuel registration, daily and weekly reports, leave requests, material registration (QR code scanner), telephone lists, news and updates.

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CO2 reduction

52DN expanded the app and developed a module with which the smartphone is linked to construction machines. With this, the real-time use of machines is read out and based on this data it’s possible to coach the driver in fuel consumption.

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Cost and time savings

Since its introduction, Jelle Bijlsma BV saves per employee 15 to 30 minutes per day and 20 administrative hours per week.


Next steps

The reactions from the field and employees are positive. A daily digital login ensures that the feedback is given immediately to the staff and is executed faster. Grip is therefore constantly developing, goes along with innovations in the market and offers new opportunities for partners.