Buying a house mortgage is one of the biggest and most significant financial decisions in your life. A mortgage that makes your wishes of living become reality and transforms your dream house into a real house. For Hetkangewoon we developed and devised an online platform with which the consumer can apply for, take out and manage a mortgage independently or with a mortgage adviser.


Finance your dream house quick and easy


Online platform, HDN support, Cloud solution


Cloud service, 24/7 services, Information transparency, Unlocking existing information on a mobile basis



Efficient and fast mortgage applications

Provide consumers with a fast, efficient and transparent application process for taking out a mortgage. Hetkangewoon has the desire that everyone can realize their dream of living in a simple, solid, smart and fast way. By offering more insight into the application process, they strive to make this more accessible.



Fast, easy and digital

With the help of 52DN software solution, Hetkangewoon enables consumers to take out and manage a mortgage with online applications. Independently or together with a mortgage adviser. A digital transformation from a mortgage advisor to online self-service. The starting point was to put the consumer at the center and consider the fact that all parties involved use the same information from different perspectives.

Buying a house without problems

Thanks to the platform it’s possible to take control and determine whether you can take out a mortgage online independently or opt for a personal consultation with a recognized financial adviser. The latter can be done in two ways: through a video chat or on location.

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Calculate the costs of your dream house

When you are looking for your home, it is essential to know what to loan. With the calculation of hetkangewoon you can easily calculate the maximum mortgage. After receiving an indication, it is useful to see if you can actually pay your dream house. A calculation tool has also been made available for this, for calculating your monthly mortgage payments.



Important functionalities

- Fully digital customer file for both parties;
- Online comparison of different mortgage providers;
- Apply for and manage a mortgage;
- Online video advice.



Time and cost savings

Thanks to full digitization of the mortgage application, all information and documents are entered once and switching and communication can take place quickly. This leads to fewer physical contact moments and considerable time savings, which means more advice can be given, the sales are increasing and costs are saved. Quickly realizing your dream house, hetkangewoon!