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Wasting energy is harmful to the environment and your wallet. Smart meters have been on the market for quite some time now and allow to have a complete insight into your energy consumption. With the app and the unique Ipsum Energy algorithm, you can - in combination with a smart energy meter- measure precisely how much and with which devices you use the most.

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Insight into energy consumption

Smart meters contribute to knowledge about the total consumption of energy. By continuing to motivate consumers to save energy, it was necessary to make clear which devices are the real energy guzzlers. Former Philips Director Peter de Bie of Ipsum Energy saw possibilities and looked for a developer for a well-arranged app. With 52DN as a strategic and technical partner, Ipsum Energy can meet its consumer needs.

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Real-time insight into energy guzzlers

In combination with a smart meter, the Ipsum Energy app gives you always and everywhere insight into the energy consumption of various devices in your home. The smart energy meter registers the consumption because all data is sent to the Ipsum Energy servers. A unique algorithm makes it possible to automatically detect, name and determine which devices are present and how much power they use. This makes the solution easy to connect to the smart meter without plugs and expensive hardware.

Personal energy coach

Ipsum Energy gives concrete action-oriented advice to the user on how his behavior can be adjusted to save on energy. For example, by putting the refrigerator in a lower position or doing the laundry at a different time, without having to buy new equipment right away. In this way, users are concretely and positively stimulated to influence their energy consumption with small behavioural changes.

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Functionalities Smart Insight-tool

Specifications application

- Automatically finds devices that use energy;
- 24/7 insight into the consumption of these devices;
- Comparison with other households;
- Concrete personal saving advice;
- Continuous feedback via telephone;
- Possible savings of 100 euro per year.

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UI/UX Design

Clear & Effective

An app aimed at the end user. That was an important starting point. That is why we have provided an easy and simple service of the app with a clear and well-arranged design. The user only needs to look at the phone to see how much energy is used in their home and which devices are doing well or badly compared to others.

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Result & future

Impact on climate issues

The most positive thing is that users are now concretely and positively encouraged to adjust their energy consumption with small behavioral changes. Work is still underway to further develop the app in which it will be possible to add information about the status of a device and whether it is due for maintenance. Then there is also the possibility of detecting imminent short circuits.

- We are working on adding information as to whether a device is subject to wear or threatens to break;
- The possibility to detect imminent short circuits;
- Switching from energy supplier;
- The goal of Ipsum is to make this available to everyone in the Netherlands;
- Reduce CO2 emissions by 20%.