Veilig Vakwerk

Veilig Vakwerk (secure craftsmanship) is a complete service for digitally sending and monitoring toolboxes and workplace inspections. Suitable for all organizations that stand for guaranteeing and improving safety awareness.

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For organizations that work smart on safety


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Less effort, optimum safety

Workplace safety is a requirement for many companies. But to provide all employees with the right information at the right time is not easy. Also, organizations must carefully administer everything, so that it’s possible to demonstrate all obligations have been met during an audit.

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Digitally accessible, simple & fast

52DN has developed the online service Veilig Vakwerk in collaboration with CUMELA Nederland. This service simplifies the current labor-intensive processes, which are based on the paper issue of forms.

Transfer moments in person are no longer necessary. Users receive the correct information on their mobile phone or environment and can immediately start working in a safe and healthy way.

Immediately applicable, available everywhere

Because of the web portal and application of Veilig Vakwerk,, it’s possible to automatically store all information in a digital archive. The KAM coordinator or employer gets access to the web portal and can create, select, send and monitor the relevant toolboxes and workplace inspections.

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Helps with VCA requirements

Veilig Vakwerk demonstrably helps to comply with the Arbo legislation and the guidelines of the VCA (Safety, health and environment) Checklist Contractors. VCA includes a large number of tools for working safely, environmentally friendly and in a healthy manner in places with high risks.

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Visual communication

By making smart use of visuals such as images and short videos, important and sometimes quite complex safety issues become even easier to understand.


- No paper administration;
- Inspection and monitoring of all toolboxes and workplace inspections;
- Immediate insight into points for improvement in terms of safety;
- Real-time information in one complete digital overview;
- Monitoring employee and project level;
- Interactive toolboxes;
- Time and cost-effective;
- Complies with the requirements of VCA.

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Widely applicable

Many organizations, from very small to very large, are using the Veilig Vakwerk service. More than 7,500 toolboxes and 1,000 workplace inspections have already been sent digitally!

Behind the scenes, we are continually working on innovating Veilig Vakwerk. To this end, developments within the branches are closely monitored and new functionalities are regularly introduced.