Viveo2, the vacuum machine of LPC Medical Systems, provides a physiotherapeutic treatment that helps to reopen small non-functioning blood vessels. We were asked by Demcon to develop a web portal and cloud solution for the transparent processing of log files, statistics and important information.


Web portal for insight in statistics


Web portal, Backend, Cloud solution


JavaScript, Java Spring, SCSS, Backend, Cloud service



Insight into applied therapies and times

One of the most important goals of physiotherapy is to improve the circulation of affected tissues, such as muscles, so that they can repair and strengthen themselves. Vacuum therapy fits in seamlessly with this objective, and the combination of vacuum therapy with physiotherapy optimizes the chance of recovery. The viveo2 machines use a valid license (serial number). To manage and distribute these serial numbers and to process the log file, we were asked to develop a cloud solution.



Cloud Solution for log file processing

The solution consists of two components: a back-end and a responsive web portal. Distributed Vacuum Devices are monitored within the PLC Medical Platform. The devices send FTP log files and collect them in the platform. The log files are read out and visualized in the statistics. Different users can log on to the platform, and the following specific information is displayed:

- Location
- Client
- Distribution


The platform is developed with the help of React components. Redux is used in the background to distribute data and set variables.

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Web hosting

52DN provided the hosting delegated by a Dutch cloud provider with ISO 27001 certification. The service runs on a machine with 24/7 monitoring, including a daily back-up. Monitoring takes place 24 hours a day and if problems occur, the team will be notified immediately. Depending on the SLA agreement, there will be a quick response.



Win-win thanks to filtered information

Time and costs are saved thanks to the cloud solution and web portal. A new device can easily be added based on location, customer or distributor.

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