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The air around us is full of chemicals, bacteria and much more. These polluted substances can cause health problems due to a non-ventilated area. The Zehnder Comfo Air Q controls the supply and disposal of air and can reduce all these complaints. To promote user-friendliness, Zehnder was looking for a solution to operate the systems remotely.

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Ventilation system control always available


Zehnder ComfoAir platform


Backend, Webportal, Native Android app, CANbus-integration, Cloud solution

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As a market leader in ventilation with heat recovery, Zehnder wanted to offer support with the correct installation, service, and maintenance of the Zehnder ventilation units. The end user had to be able to communicate with the systems through an app.

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All-in-one solution for the cloud

In the process of deploying the app, we developed a back-end used as a cloud solution. This solution offers Zehnder the possibility to centrally register operational information about the use of the Zehnder ComfoAir and to be able to use it as input for new products or product improvements in the future.

Easy assembly planning and maintenance

We developed a native app that communicates via the CANbus interface of the ComfoAir. The result is a solution whereby the control and information of the Zehnder ComfoAir can be viewed and used (changed) simultaneously via different interfaces.

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Always accessible

Full connectivity for Zehnder ComfoAir is an opportunity to control the devices remotely from a distance or on the spot. Also, the cloud solution is always accessible, and data is stored securely.

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Next steps

Zehnder Voice Control

With Zehnder Voice Control, 52DN responds to current developments. With busy workdays and super-fast technical changes, it is more than welcome to save time by making everything a little easier. The next step within Zehnder is to control the ventilation systems by means of speech.

The prospect is therefore for Voice Control to be integrated into Zehnder's ventilation systems.

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