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We always try to make our lives simpler, faster and more fun. So it makes sense that speech works well. Voice assistants are, therefore, about to become an essential part of our lives and offer an enormous potential market for advertisers and organizations. To get ahead of developing competencies in this area ensures that you can move quickly with these developments.

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Where do you start if you want to get started with voice control quicky, properly and clearly? And what steps do you need to take to implement voice within your organization? Our experts are specialized in conversational and the implementation of voice assistants. To get started with voice, we take some factors into account that determine the success of your smart connected product. Consider the quality of the user interface, the ease with which connectivity is set up (plus its stability), the look and feel of the cloud software and the convenience of the app.


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We develop for these platforms and see them as partners to take technology to a higher level.

Proud member of DDMA, commission Voice

DDMA (Data Driven Marketing Association) is the marketing and data association on behalf of 335 organizations. As a member of the Voice Commission, 52DN is proud to contribute to the common goal of taking data-driven marketing to the next level. We also see DDMA as an important network platform for sharing and broadening our knowledge and expertise.

Edition #01 - Introducing voice

On Thursday 13 June we kicked off with our first edition of Room Talk 63 about voice and conversational! During this interactive knowledge session with inspiring talks from Talpa, FREO and Centraal Beheer, we shared some tips and tricks and innovative ideas. The second edition is all about the Internet of Things (IoT) and is on October 3: sign up for free via Eventbrite!


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